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Guidelines on Maybank2uPay

1. If you wish to pay via Maybank2uPay, select the option “Maybank2uPay” when placing your order and then click “Place Order”.
 Select Maybank2uPay
 2. You will then be directed to the Order Received page.
 Order Received
3. Then look for the Maybank2uPay icon at the bottom of the page.
 Maybank2uPay Logo
4. Once you have clicked on the Maybank2uPay icon, the Maybank2u login page will appear in a new pop-up window. Login as usual.
Maybank2u Login Page
5. Once you have logged into Maybank2u, you will see the name “The Butterfly Gift Shop”. Here, you select your account number from which you want to pay from, enter your email address, the total amount of your order (including shipping, if any) and the description of your transaction (you should insert your order number here).
Maybank2uPay-Enter Details
Note: You can click on “Verify blogshop” to check if The Butterfly Gift Shop is on the official list of registered websites with Maybank. You will find us there :-)
6. Click on “Continue”.
Note: You will have to click on Disclaimer for Payments before you can click on Continue.
7. Click “Request a TAC Number”. The TAC number will be sent to your mobile phone number that you have registered with Maybank. Enter the TAC Number and click “Confirm” to proceed with payment.
Maybank2u Pay-Request TAC
8. You can print the payment confirmation screen for record and future reference.
9. You will receive an email as a confirmation of the transaction done.
That’s it! You then wait for the arrival of your gifts at your doorstep :-)


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